“In dealing with the most difficult personnel matter during my 10 years as president of this university with over 1000 employees, I called upon Linda McSweyn who took on this troubling issue. The problem was complex and involved potential disruption of normal operations of a significant division of the organization. The investigation was examined quickly, fairly and thoroughly, and to my complete satisfaction. What might have been a drawn out and litigious matter was resolved within a matter of days. Linda is professional in every regard and her work is of the highest quality.



Former University President


“Linda handled what we thought was an impossible situation in our workplace with extraordinary skill and professionalism. I would never have believed that one person could possess the broad talents she exhibited: an understanding of the law; an ability to gain the respect and confidence of all she encountered (including the employee about whom the complaints were made); a surprising understanding of people, me included; and a practical approach displaying the highest ethical standards.”


KR, President

Architectural design firm


“I have been a plaintiffs' employment lawyer for 25 years and have resolved dozens of cases through mediation. Linda McSweyn mediated a high-value, individual wage-and-hour case where I represented, as I always do, the plaintiff. She was very knowledgeable regarding employment law and was able to discuss legal issues at a high level of sophistication. She was neutral and did not favor either side. She was also very practical with both sides. When the initial process floundered, she switched to a different approach that was much more effective. She worked hard to get the case resolved in a situation where the defendant was very intransigent. Ms McSweyn ultimately was successful in settling the case after about 8 hours of mediation. I would gladly use her again and recommend her without reservation. I also note that her hourly rate represents an exceptional value.”


RAS, Esq.

Plaintiffs’ Attorney Bay Area


“Although Linda was selected as a mediator by opposing counsel, I never found her to be partial or biased toward either side. She was informal but firm with a solid grasp of the facts of our case. Although the case did not settle at the scheduled mediation, Linda persevered for months and continued to facilitate further settlement discussions between the counsel until the case finally did settle with a fair mediator’s proposal.” (Defense Counsel)


KS, Esq.

Defense Law Firm Beverly Hills


“From time to time personnel matters arise at the University that requires the assistance of an outside consultant and the first person that often comes to mind is Linda McSweyn. As we have utilized her expertise over the years, she had come to understand the culture and dynamics of the University workplace, which is extremely helpful in approaching employment problems involving people. She is a tremendous listener and has a knack for peeling back the layers of an issue to get to the heart of the matter. Throughout her investigations she builds trust, treats everyone with respect and remains objective; however her true gift is one of mediation. As an employer, we care about employees who have participated in an investigation, along with trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together in the aftermath. Linda McSweyn has the gift of doing just that with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.”


JL, Asst. Vice President HR

Bay Area University


Below are a sample of some client comments regarding confidential investigations and mediations conducted by Ms. McSweyn:

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Workplace Investigations and Mediations